Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

Cod. 28662

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

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28662 Intex Krystal Clear


Saltwater System



56602 generatore di cloro intex


Eliminates bacteria and algae from pool water using virtually undetectable amounts of economical, eco-friendly salt. This system produces low levels of natural chlorine that swimmers neither feel nor smell. The result is soft, fresh, clean water without the potential harsh side effects of packaged pool chemicals!


56602 generatore di cloro intex

    • 24-hour Auto Timer for extra easy pool maintenance


  • 110-120 Volt
  • Saltwater System for Above Ground Pools
  • Much gentler on skin, eyes, clothes, and hair than packaged chlorine
  • Say goodbye to continuously adding chemicals to your pool water – no more ongoing expense and trips to the store
  • No chemical smell, no faded swimsuits, no red burning eyes, and no hair discoloration!
  • Creates salt levels about one-tenth that of the ocean, so swimmers won’t see, feel, or smell any salt
  • When water evaporates, simply add more water – the salt level will remain the same
  • Salt does not evaporate – Unless water is splashed out of the pool, you may never have to add more salt!
  • Comes complete with 2 fittings to hook up to your Intex pump
  • Non-iodized salt can be purchased at your local pool store
  • Requires a Filter Pump with a flow rate between 700-4,000 gph (2,650-15,140 L/hr)
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